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Our Story: Both my wife and I are 27 years old and have gone through financial hell and back. Now we are on track to financial freedom, however we are not financial advisors or professionals, just everyday people. Share our journey from a negative networth and email us if you have questions or comments! :)


Wednesday, January 18, 2006


With financals being one of my favorite things to talk about, I find that I go through slumps. Such as today where my accounts are in correct order and I have already planned for next weeks paychecks, I find that, yes, I am in a slump. I'm always looking at better interest rates and what's best for my money and right now, I'm content (normally I'm not). It's one of those, I throw up my hands in the air and wonder well, good job, is there anything else I need to do?? There is that threshold of when you've analyzed something so much and so far that you feel like you've beaten a dead horse. Well I'm there and its not so much a depressing state but rather pondering the 'what ifs' and had I done it all correct; and backtracking again.

Wait... something new> I filled out some 5 minute survey and got my starbucks $5 gift card for answering their questions. Of course these were all anonymous questions, and for all my hard work I will be enjoying ONE morning a nice venti mocha. Dont get me wrong, I normally have a brew at home and I love my brew at home. Sometimes I cant make it out of the house without coffee. There has to be a way around waking up without coffee? or is it just that I am addicted?


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