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Our Story: Both my wife and I are 27 years old and have gone through financial hell and back. Now we are on track to financial freedom, however we are not financial advisors or professionals, just everyday people. Share our journey from a negative networth and email us if you have questions or comments! :)


Friday, March 17, 2006

Our "Baby" Budget... How Cute!

Let me get this out of the way here: Happy St. Patricks Day! Dont drink too much and stay safe! Moving on, Im happy to report that the budget is ALIVE AND WELL! Since we are DINKS (dual income no kids), we think of our budget as our "baby". This beautiful living breathing balance in our lives is forever changing. Since we have started the envelope system, we have found so many shifts in how we use our money. I'm notating the catagories that we over budgeted for and making these adjustments for next month. I've also tried to decrease our monthly bills by doing a little budget tweaking. For example, we currently rent a modem from cox cable, which with tax in my area comes out to $11.94 monthly. I just purchased the same modem for $36.50. Unless the modem breaks after 3 months, I say its a great long term buy and that frees up a pizza or ten in gas every month. Also a couple more items, I'm also cancelling my online game which costs $15 a month and working diligently to remove and try to lower our cellular services, which we pay now $75 approximately a month. Cracking at every expense making each of my dollars count! Thinking not only one day at a time but overall long term, will make our house debt (mortgage) go away quicker and for us to adapt to our budget.


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