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Our Story: Both my wife and I are 27 years old and have gone through financial hell and back. Now we are on track to financial freedom, however we are not financial advisors or professionals, just everyday people. Share our journey from a negative networth and email us if you have questions or comments! :)


Friday, April 28, 2006

Going for an MBA

According to the report by CNN's Money, I should be getting my MBA. It seems that in 5 years of working for whatever industry, you will be earning in upwards of 6 figures...sometimes as high as half a million. I would like to go back to school for an MBA however, we are taking the very very slow steps of making sure we can pay for everything with cash and be debt free in the process. However I dont want to be so old that I wont retain any information when I get into those tough classes! I also want to go into the MBA associates workforce with some hair left on my head! (my wife found some white hairs on my head the other day!! ahhhhh)


Anonymous trip said...

I have white hairs popping up like weeds. I was pullin ghtem until someone told me that they don't grow back..ooops!

4:25 PM  
Blogger Amdollar said...

haha yeah that doesnt work out too well if you start pulling them

8:38 PM  
Blogger mOOm said...

I think it is worth borrowing money to do an MBA if you think you have the apptitude to make use of it profitably. Better though to try to get a firm to pay :)

3:58 PM  

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