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Our Story: Both my wife and I are 27 years old and have gone through financial hell and back. Now we are on track to financial freedom, however we are not financial advisors or professionals, just everyday people. Share our journey from a negative networth and email us if you have questions or comments! :)


Monday, November 20, 2006

Fixing the wrong HMO plan

I got my 2007 health care plan in the mail today from my benefits office. I went with a different health care provider this time. Mostly because the last time I messed it up and went with a plan that I thought would be accepted where my wife goes to get her regular baby tummy checkups. Out of the 5 providers we got to select from my health care plan, 1 of them was NOT on the list. Guess which one? Right, the one I selected. I dont think Im going to get it wrong this time but I called the hospitals that we go to and her PCP first before I selected this time. Even though we did go with an HMO, all our doctors that we NEED to see are in the network so it works out perfectly. This will go into effect for the upcoming year so I have to live with my bad health care choice at the moment. My wife says shes not cancelling her plan with her job until we get the "right" coverage. Understandable.

On another note, Im so glad that I have to work only 2 more days! Honestly I cant wait to get this week over. If you ask me, Monday was tiring enough. I have to post these auctions on ebay and get my act together for tomorrow.


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