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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

SUV or Minivan time?

We have 2 compact cars, a newer toyota corolla and a mazda. We paid off the mazda a few years ago, and the Toyota about a year ago. After getting 2 booster seats for each car and trying it out for the past 3 months, it seems that getting our child in and out would be easier if we had a bigger car. Is this justified to go out and trade in our paid for vehicles? I mean we could use some of our savings to pay for the difference outside of equity. This part of my brain thinks that yeah it would be easier on my back and my wife's back dragging her stuff in and out plus provide more space and its safer. We are still driving our early 20s right out of college type car... basic transportation. It would help us out alot with a bigger car for longer trips too. The other part of my brain is the who cares, it provides basic get around transport and is safe enough for 1 child. Maybe we can find something of equal value and do like a cross over exchange. Can most dealerships accomodate this kind of transfer? Overall it may be time for an upgrade and since I have the time to look around, why not shop?


Blogger moneymonk said...

For as space, SUV or Minivan is what and what. Same as gas, it would be about the same.

I just think SUVs are cooler than Minivans

When I see a Minivan, I think soccer Mom ! LOL

Whatever your choice it is good to see you are upgrading for the child.
Another expense of raising kids~

4:55 PM  

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